With hundreds of varieties and colours to chose from, our selection of annual flowers will be sure to leave you wanting more garden space. there is a large variety of planters and hanging baskets already complete, as well as plants of all sizes to complete your own. We carry vegetables, herbs, in cell packs and patio planters. There are always friendly staff to help answer any questions that you may have.


  • fertilize regularly
  • Add contrasting colors
  • Do not overcrowd planters
  • Choose the proper planting medium for your plants. Always use container mix when planting containers.
  • Trim ends off lanky plants to force them to bush out
  • Deadhead regularly to encourage reblooming
  • When planting planters, use at least one “thriller ”a “filler”, and a “spiller” in each planter

Here are just a few of the products you will find

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