We have hundreds of different trees and shrubs to chose from. Our nursery has a large selection of potted and spade dug trees as well as many different flowering and evergreen shrubs. From hydrangeas to junipers, crimson kings to fruit trees, our selection of healthy thriving nursery stock is always extensive. For inquiries on specific trees, shrubs availability and planting services, please visit the contact us section.


  • Plant with high quality bone meal
  • Prune in late fall or early spring when plant is dormant
  • Never prune off more than 1/3 of the plant at a time
  • Fertilize regularly until august.
  • When transplanting, use a good transplanting liquid to help minimize the shock to the plant.
  • Transplanting should only be done in the late fall or early spring. Once the tree has set bud it is too late.
  • Trees and shrubs require watering for at least the first two years in the ground until they are established. Watering regularly helps insure proper growth and health.
  • If a t-bar was advised to be used, the t-bar must remain in place for at least 2 years until the plant has reached a maturity to stand alone.
  • Ensure there is nice rich soil around the roots, amend soil when necessary.

Guarantee all of our zone hardy perennials, trees and shrubs purchased at regular price are backed by our one year health guarantee. Receipt required. Conditions apply.

Here are just a few of the products you will find

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